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Reasons for Hair Loss

Although it is usually an unwanted sign of aging, hair loss may no longer be inevitable. Proven, effective treatment options are now available and more affordable then ever. On this website, you will find discussions on each of the treatment options.

When a man or woman experiences hair loss, he or she may consciously or subconsciously feel the effects of lowered self-confidence. In our competitive and rapidly changing society, restoring our own youthfulness or good looks can create a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem, which can permeate all of our interactions - business and social. Though a full head of hair may seem relatively unimportant in the work-a-day world, surveys have shown that men with full heads of hair are more likely to be hired when compared with their equally qualified, balding counterparts. For women, societies often consider being bald as unnatural or disease related, causing undue stress and pressure on those suffering from hair loss.

Reasons for Hair Loss

The predominant reason of hair loss in males is male pattern hair loss (MPHL). This is commonly associated with androgen (male sex hormone) and genetic factors. Current evidence suggests the genetic factor can be from both sides of the family, but one does not necessarily becomes bald even if it runs in the family. Hence, it is difficult to predict if an individual with family history of baldness will become bald in the future. However, without the genetic susceptibility, MPHL will not occur.
Norwood classification for male pattern hair loss

Female pattern hair loss (FPHL), unfortunately, has yet to produce any accurately identifiable factors. Without these, the therapeutic approach is limited to traditional medical workups such as physical examination, scalp biopsies, and laboratory evaluations in order to rule out psychiatric, endocrine, and immunologic diseases.
Ludwig classification for female pattern hair loss

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