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Simply the Best

"After four previous hair transplant procedures over the years at other well established and known hair transplant centers over the years, I can attest to the superior quality and service at Dr. TK (UHR). Rather than the quick in and out hurried procedure, UHR provided a very thorough and precise transplant procedure. Greater personal care and a sense of perfectionism was demonstrated in the design and actual physical placement of transplants. In addition, follow-up and monitoring of progress far outweighed that at other transplant centers.

After the procedure, UHR also utilizes low light laser therapy to stimulate hair growth. Several months after a hair transplant procedure, I began to utilize low level laser therapy at UHR via the Laser Cap. Within weeks of using the Laser Cap, my existing hair became significantly thicker and healthier. The diameter of existing singular hairs considerably increased; edges along the hair loss areas began to fill in and thicken; existing hair in transplant areas thickened; and growth of newly transplanted hair was stimulated and is emerging. I have utilized every hair treatment potion and prescription, but the low level laser therapy is by far the most dramatic hair loss treatment beyond a hair transplant. After utilizing low level laser therapy for two months at UHR, the quality of my existing and transplanted hair is still drastically improving. I have found the results of hair transplant procedure to be enhanced by utilization of low level laser therapy via the Laser Cap at UHR

Overall, TK (Dr. TK Shiao) and the staff at UHR are simply the best at hair transplant procedures and therapies, and, in addition, just great people to know!" Jeff B.

Great Improvement in Quality of Life

" really improved my life because with depression I cannot function well. I found it hard to think when I'm too stressed or depressed. The last year of my graduate school in KU was pretty difficult. I had to write my master thesis, find a job, worry about losing all my hair, all at the same time. I was thinking about seeing a psychologist. But I ended up seeing you, which is a better decision. Now things are looking much better for me." Shaun C.

Great Comfort and Ease

"I am really pleased with this procedure. I plan to come back for another one. My wife is also really pleased. She can't believe more people wouldn't want to do it (F.U.E.) after she saw how easiy it was for me." S. W.

Great Result and Value

"I'm completely delighted with my results so far. It was worth every penny. I've been recommending Dr. Shiao to some of my friends." Christianne B.

Great People and Environment

"... I am extrememly pleased we were able to successfully place almost 1,890 grafts. Your kindness, caring, and hospitality were and are greatly appreciated. I enjoyed meeting all of you and having a chance to get to know you a little bit. I'm very glad I decided to come your way to do this procedure, and I'll be sure to keep you posted on the results in the coming months..." S. S.

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"...just an update that i think about 25% or so of the grafts have started growing. that's a rough guess, but i am delighted and can already see the difference it makes in my appearance, especially from the back. of course in the vertex area and along the front hairline, it's even easier to see the transplanted hairs starting to grow.

i am very pleased, as it has been not quite four months since the procedure (march 19). there is plenty more growth ahead as all of the grafts will begin to grow. a big thank you again to you and your team..." S.S.

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